ALA Academy of Language Arts

ALA Japanese Language School is for you if...

You want to be part of a small but international community of people focused on improving practical Japanese.

Established in 1984, the Academy of Language Arts (ALA) is now home to over 250 students from around the world. As part of its focus on real, practical applications of Japanese, ALA launched the Business Communication Measurement Test with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology in Japan over a decade ago.

Their commitment to enhancing the career prospects of foreign students through excellent language training is evident in their continued growth and pursuit of cohesive methodology in the field.

School Features

Language Level

Beginner to Advanced

Term Length

3 months - 2 years

Tuition Cost

¥173,800 - ¥1,441,000

Min. Requirements

High School Graduate

Visa Sponsorship


Job Search Support


English Staff


Private Lessons



Iidabashi Location
  • Daini Tobundo building, 2-16, Agebacho, Shinjuku city, Tokyo 162-0824 Japan

Easy access to major neighborhoods in Tokyo makes finding great accommodations easy and going out is a breeze.

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Group Lesson

A focus on teaching proper, "business Japanese" so you can be seen as an adult member of Japanese society. Practical for all career purposes, your foundation in business Japanese will make you stand out as a highly educated individual, capable of interacting in any situation, professional or personal.


January, April, July, August




or 13:40-17:40
(Depends on Level)


High School Graduate

Fees and Tuition

Fees include tuition, application and registration fee, but are exclusive of textbook costs.

6 Months


1 Year


1.5 Years


2 Years


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