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We partner with some of Japan's best Japanese language schools for you to choose from. Make your decision based on location, school specialty, tuition, and intake dates. All schools are committed to your success as a Japanese learner!

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Every Japanese language school we partner with is has teachers committed to student success, top student reviews, and unique learning & cultural opportunities for you to experience.

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Applying to study in Japan can be confusing. Between deadlines, different forms, and getting all the right documents together for the Japanese government, it can be overwhelming! We manage your application at zero cost to you, to ensure you have the greatest chance possible of a successful school and visa application. Your goal is to study Japanese in Japan – we'll help you get there!

Featured Schools

Choose from some of our most popular language schools in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Saga!

TOKYO – BUNKYO / Shinjuku
Osaka, Kyoto


TOKYO – Nippori

Start with the area you want to study in

There are many important variables in choosing the best Japanese language school for your goals – but the easiest filter to start with is location. Choose from our major regions, such as:

Kanto Region – Tokyo, Yokohama, Saitama

If you love the idea of lights, night life, and the energy of a world class city, then Tokyo is for you!
Being the biggest city in Japan, Tokyo has much to offer: parks & gardens, more restaurants and bars than you can shake a shamisen at, and a great abundance of study options.

You'll be sure to find a social community that suits you, and you're never too far away from anything. Day trips to Nikko, Hakone, or even Mt. Fuji are within reason, and you have access to the whole country via the shinkansen and highway bus networks.

Tokyo is a great choice for your study abroad experience, especially if you are looking for to make work or career connections – many large local and foreign businesses are headquartered here, which opens up a world of opportunity for you as your Japanese level increases!



TOKYO – nippori

TOKYO – Shin-okubo
SAMU Language School

Tokyo kogakuin japanese language school

Chiba – Matsudo
Matsudo International School

TOKYO – Takadanobaba
Human Academy Language School

Kansai Region – Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe

If you love old world charm, temples, and lots of fried food on a stick, Kansai is probably for you!
It's almost impossible to put a label on the major Kansai cities, Osaka and Kyoto, because they are so different, despite being situated quite close to each other! In Osaka, you have nightlife, street food, and kuidaore (eat until you tip over!), while Kyoto is quiet, spiritual, and beautiful in every regard.

The experience of living in Kansai is always impactful on people. From the noticeably different dialect they speak (kansai-ben), to the way the people interact, Kansai is a very different experience than the Kanto region.

Be sure to visit lots of temples, eat some takoyaki, and enjoy your free time while you live and study in Kansai.

Human academy language school

Kyushu (Island) – Saga

A cheap cost of living, friendly people, and a taste of sub-tropical Japan await you on Kyushu!
Kyushu is Japan's third largest island, and is home to unique dialects, cuisines, and cultural experiences that make it feel very different than other regions in Japan.

There is everything you need from major cities in the capital, Hiroshima, and you can easily access some of the country's most famous onsen hot springs in Beppu. Kyushu can be a refreshing escape from the hustle of city life on Honshu, and yet there are really exciting tech industry opportunities in cities like Fukuoka. You will benefit from a low cost of living and easy access to lots of traditional culture if you choose to study in Kyushu!

Human Academy Language School