Thousands of Japanese learners from over 20 countries every month.

Since 2014, Risu Press has been part of the Japanese language education of thousands of learners with our JLPT Kanji Poster Set. We now connect learners from across the world with Japanese Language Schools in Japan, and are moving towards a proprietary online education model, built by language experts in Japan and abroad.

Our mission

To connect foreigners with the opportunities and information
 they need to live their best life in Japan.

The Story

In 2014, the offerings online for JLPT study were sparse, outdated, or unreasonably expensive to order to North America.

Colten Nahrebeski was looking for a way to easily see the scope of kanji required for JLPT N2 exam and increase exposure to the material. He solved his own pain point, as co-founder Paul Moore worked with Colten to collaborate on what would become the JLPT Kanji Poster Set – a product that now lives on the walls of thousands of learners worldwide.

As Colten proceeded to live and work in Japan, he encountered many instances of misunderstanding, confusion, and a lack of clear information about life in Japan. He had learned the language, earned a position at a large multinational company, and yet he still faced difficulties in real estate, employment, and navigating the bureaucratic avenues that are naturally accessible to native Japanese.

In speaking with other foreigners living in Japan, it became clear that everyone faced the same basic difficulties: effective language training, access to real estate, employment opportunities, and access to financial services.

Risu Press aims to be the provider of efficient and effective solutions to these issues through online training and a network of connections and access.

The Problem:

Japan continues to bring in more foreign resources and talent.

However, despite an abundance of friction points in their journey, there is no clear support for foreigners to improve their access to areas reserved for Japanese nationals. Foreign talent is discouraged from entering or settling in Japan, which in turn restricts Japan from fully accessing or leveraging the benefits of increased professional immigration.

The Solution:

By providing foreigners in Japan with the tools, training, and access to opportunities that will help them live their best life, Risu Press can support smoother interactions, integrations, and economic growth in Japan.

Industry- and government-validated certifications and training are the cornerstone of building trust between foreign and local stakeholders. Provided in an eLearning format, potential residents can begin building a trusted skillset before even arriving in Japan, giving better access to housing, employment, and networking opportunities.