Akamonkai Japanese Language School

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Akamonkai Japanese Language School is for you if...

You are prepared to be the best you can be at Japanese through rigorous study and a commitment to learning.

Tokyo's largest Japanese language school, Akamonkai has made a name for itself as a school dedicated to ensuring students excel in their Japanese studies. If you intend to study at a Japanese university afterwards, Akamonkai also offers a pre-university preparation curriculum, designed to teach you the Japanese language skills you need to survive in a post-secondary education environment. It is uniquely approved to allow students with less than 12 years of formal education to be able to enter a Japanese university.

Since 1985, Akamonkai has been the choice of serious Japanese language students from around the world. Be prepared to truly study Japanese if you choose this school.

School Features

  • Study Intensity: High

You will have to put in effort after class and on weekends to do homework and prepare for assessments, but your hard work will pay off! Expect a faster pace of Japanese learning, with a focus on preparing you for real-world use of your Japanese skills in work or further education.

Language Level

Beginner to Advanced

Term Length

3 weeks - 2 years

Tuition Cost

¥70,000 - ¥1,478,000

Min. Requirements

High School Graduate
(No requirements for short (3 months or less) courses)

Visa Sponsorship

(Student visa only available for 6+ months courses)

Job Search Support


English Staff


Private Lessons



Main Campus
  • 6-39-12 Higashi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
    116-0014 Japan

Experience traditional Tokyo! Close to many shrines and the famous "Yakata Ginza" area, you can try lots of great local food.

Iidabashi Location
  • Daini Tobundo building, 2-16, Agebacho, Shinjuku city, Tokyo 162-0824 Japan

A close neighbor to the Main Campus, the Nippori Location shares the same benefits and old-school Tokyo charm.

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General Course

This comprehensive program not only teaches you the Japanese you need to know to live and work in Japan, it also ensures you have the fundamental skills necessary to pass the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) at a high level. Beyond that, you also have the option of focusing on preparation for entrance to a Japanese university or preparing to enter the Japanese workforce.

If you do choose to hone your business skills, Akamonkai teachers will go as far as hosting mock interviews for you, and even connecting you with potential job opportunities via the larger group company.

The curriculum is carefully designed and calibrated to meet the needs of different Japanese language abilities, so don't worry if you're new to studying Japanese or if you've already been at it for a few years. Akamonkai has the right class and teacher for you, to help you achieve your goals.


January, April, July, October




or 13:00-16:30
(Depends on Level)


High School Graduate

Fees and Tuition

Fees include tuition, application, registration fee, and textbook costs.

6 Months


1 Year


1.5 Years


2 Years


3 Week and Short Term Courses

Already live in Japan, or you're from a country with a visa waiver for up to 3 months? You're in luck! You are eligible to jump into either the 3 Week Course or the Short Term Course at Akamonkai.

The 3 Week Course is designed as a crash course into the fundamentals of Japanese language study, and enrollment is continuous, with a new session starting each month. The Short Term Course is more in depth, and places students in the same classes as the General Course, so overall it is more thorough.

Both of these are great options if you don't want to go commit to getting a student visa or being in Japan for a long time.


3 Week Course: Every month

Short Term Course: January, April, July, October




or 13:00-16:30
(Depends on Level)


High School Graduate

Fees and Tuition

Fees include tuition, application, registration fee, and textbook costs.

3 Weeks

(¥10,000 discount for July start)

3 Months


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