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Love Japan? Live in Japan? Want to be in Japan? Get the resources you need to start crushing it.

Risu Press has got your back when it comes to the tools you need to crush it living in Japan. Don't see something here but you think we should have it? Don't hesitate to reach out and let us know! Odds are we can build it and get it to your inbox.

(Free download) The World's Best Hiragana and Katakana Charts

Sick of kana charts that look like they were designed with a spreadsheet? Want something awesome to put up on your wall? Go ahead and grab your free kana charts download today!

(Free) Kanji Practice Genkoyoshi

Go ahead and grab our custom kanji practice genkoyoshi and start mastering kanji in style! Download for free and print as many as you want.

(Free) Japanese to Western Calendar Conversion Chart

Have a tough time recalling whether it was Heisei 4 or Showa 30? Us too! It's why we designed the sexiest Japanese to Western Calendar Conversion Chart out there. Download it, print it out, and throw it up on your wall!

(Free) Japanese 2019 Tax Timeline

The change from Heisei to Reiwa means general confusion for the fiscal year. Get clarity with our custom tax year timeline that covers 2019-2020.