Review: Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji

High level review of Remembering the KanjiIt’s a decent book if you’re brand new to kanji, but if you’ve spent more than a year studying kanji, it’s a bit regressive. He tries to mold your thinking to his imaginative stories, but ultimately you could make this up yourself. The first fifth of the book is […]

Getting a Japanese Work Visa: What You Need to Know

Japanese Visa

Let’s talk about Japanese visas.Everybody who wants to come to Japan has probably looked at this site by the Immigration Bureau of Japan, which walks you through all the types of visas that Japan offers to foreigners. You’ll note right away that the column header on the left says “Status of Residence.” This is important to […]

Ultimate Study Guide to Beginner’s Japanese: How to Start Learning Japanese

Squirrel origami and mortarboard hat

Updated April 2020This guide is designed for anyone who is starting out studying Japanese.Why? Because starting out is difficult – especially as an English speaker trying to pick up Japanese.  This guide will help get you past the very beginning stages, and set you up with some of the tools, strategies, and resources that you should find […]