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SAMU Language School is for you if...

You want the big city experience of Tokyo, with teachers committed to you and your success in learning Japanese for your future in Japan.

The majority of students (90%!) at SAMU Language School remain in Japan after their studies. Whether you want to pursue higher education, or perhaps challenge the job market with your new Japanese language skills, SAMU staff are prepared to support you!

SAMU Language School is part of a larger group company, Bridge Academy, which has the capacity to support job hunting – they may even be able to introduce you to companies if there is a good fit. You'll be motivated to study Japanese at this school, as there are many opportunities waiting for those with good work and study ethic. 

80% of students at SAMU Language School go on to pursue higher education in Japan, 10% seek employment in Japan, and the remaining 10% return home.
SAMU language school student practicing Japanese calligraphy
SAMU Language School students outside wearing school colors and holding the SAMU banner
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SAMY Language School classroom with teacher at whiteboard
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SAMU Language School entrance ceremony with staff holding a banner
Entrance desk and doors to SAMU Language School in Tokyo
Japanese classroom with tables and chairs
SAMU Language School large classroom with rows of tables and chairs

School Features

  • Study Intensity: High

You will have to put in effort after class and on weekends to do homework and prepare for assessments, but your hard work will pay off! Expect a faster pace of Japanese learning, with a focus on preparing you for real-world use of your Japanese skills in work or further education.

Language Level

Beginner to Advanced

Term Length

1 month - 2 years

Tuition Cost

¥74,250 - ¥1,402,400

Min. Requirements

High School Graduate
(No requirements for short (3 months or less) courses)

Visa Sponsorship

(Student visa only available for 6+ months courses)

Job Search Support


English Staff


Private Lessons

Possibly available by request


Main Campus
  • 2-1-6 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073 Japan

A short walk to either downtown Shinjuku or "Korea Town" Shin-Okubo, you'll be right in the middle of metropolitan Tokyo!

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Long-term Course

According to SAMU, "curriculums are prepared that focus on carefully learning Japanese, ideal for those wishing to move on to institutions of higher education in Japan (graduate schools, universities, or vocational schools) or find employment with a Japanese company."

You can begin during any of the 4 intake periods throughout the year, and there are special elective classes for things ranging from animé and manga Japanese to particular Japanese accents and exam prep. The school tests regularly for proficiency, so you'll get a heads up every quarter about how your Japanese language skills are progressing.

There is also a key focus on mastering kanji, which is fundamental to the success of anyone who wants to live as an adult in Japan.


January, April, July, October
(JLPT N4~N3 req. for Jan. intake)




or 13:15-16:40
(Depends on Level)


High School Graduate

Fees and Tuition

Fees include tuition, application, registration fee, and textbook costs.

6 Months


1 Year


1.5 Years


2 Years


1/2/3 Month Short-term Courses

If you are interested in visiting as a tourist, or otherwise have a visa waiver from your country to Japan, you can easily enroll in the short-term courses at SAMU Language School!

They are concise, and focused on quickly teaching you useful, practical Japanese in a short amount of time. Low commitment, low cost – the short-term course can be the perfect intro to studying Japanese if you are short on time.


Every month




or 13:15-16:40
(Depends on Level)



Fees and Tuition

Fees include tuition, application, registration fee. Teaching material costs are separate.

1 Month


2 Months


3 Months


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